An Introduction to Rolf Yoga, for SI Practitioners
taught by L'aura Marie Campisi

October 27, 2018

Plano, Texas

Tuition $195
includes vegan lunch

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L'aura Marie Campisi


This introductory RolfYoga course is designed to showcase what your clients will experience during and after a session via RolfYoga awareness. We will start with a lead 90 minute RolfYoga class, followed with hands-on table labs where you will see and experience movements that correspond with the sessions pertaining to our work. Each session and each client is different - so are the movements. Some clients need more restorative work, others need something slightly active, some need strength while others need meditation and to work on the mind. We will dialog the options and variations in order for you to capture the essence of how to bring RolfYoga into your practice, and into your own life. This intro course is designed as such, a close up look at the work to see if this is something you would like to invest in towards your practice. We will talk about how the two part training is set up and how you can them implement into your practice.

L'aura Marie Campisi is a 2005 graduate of the Guild for Structural Integration via Boulder, CO. Her introduction to the work was thru her yoga teacher Tias Little and Jan Sultan during a collaborative workshop on the pelvis. From the beginning, her vision was with movement and bodywork as her specialty has refined while bridging the 10-series work to movement with lifestyle practices. She received her first 10-series as a class model with Peter Melchior, while studying under David Davis, Liz Stewart, Neil Powers, Andy Goodwin and Jeff Linn. L' came to the work in 2003 as a devoted yoga student and teacher in the ashtanga lineage, also a former manager of small businesses including wellness and hospitality. Currently L' directs her own center in Pittsburgh, PA that is dedicated to Structural Integration and her own design of RolfYoga-Movement where classes are held weekly. The center will be launching the complete training in this method to professionals in our field this next year. She is currently back in school for Visceral Manipulation which has recently influenced the RolfYoga work. Other additions to the center and to her work is the Alexander Technique.

The cost for registration for this one-day course is $195. Please pay in full to register.