A structural and personal study of torsional patterns
taught by David Davis

June 2-4, 2017

Plano, Texas

Tuition $525 after April 1

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David Davis


In this three-day workshop, David will present a series-oriented recipe for working with clients with chronic patterns that are embedded in the structure as well as the nervous system. He will present his most recent ideas and accomplishments on how to coax and 'whisper out' longstanding issues for advanced clients. Included will be a focus on the relationship of thoracic outlet and pelvis and how the lumbodorsal hinge translates the strain from above (ribcage) and below (pelvis/legs). Also, we will examine and explore the neurological implications of 'chronic holdings' with practical solutions utilizing intelligent and informed touch. Finally, the relation of structure and function reveals how working with movement to assess and treat is a vital and holistic perspective to include in session plans. This is a comprehensive study about working with scoliosis and other spinal patterns which manifest as issues in pelvic tilt and leg patterns as well as shoulder and neck/cranial projects.

Each student will trade three sessions with another student and have one model to work with. The class location will be in Plano, Texas. Make travel arrangements through DFW airport. The class will run from 9-5 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with a healthy lunch included each day. The cost of the class is $475

David Davis has practiced SI for 41 years and taught the Rolf process for 28 years. It has been his passion and vehicle for transformation since 1973. SI has also been the vehicle for expression of the spiritual transformation and service to humanity that life is.

Contact michael@thepsoas.com for registration and hotel information. Checks made out to "David Davis" should be mailed to

Michael Solberg
6320 Woodway Lane
Plano, TX  75093

The cost for registration is $475 through April 1, then $525. Please pay in full to register.
   100% refund through April 1
     50% refund through May 1

This workshop has 21 hours of IASI Type 1 accreditation.