Some Words from our Attendees . . ..

I never got around to thanking you for putting together the workshop with Louis and Marcello. That was one of the more magical experiences ever. I really enjoyed the word given and offered by the "old masters!" Also, having your Dad and Norma's input on their take of "the work" was priceless!. The time effort, and expense that I spent in Dallas at PSOAS, has shown up in my practice far greater than other classes I have taken lately. For that I am truly grateful! Thank you!

- Dallas Cohn, December 2006, Movement Enhanced Rolfing (Dec. 1-3, 2006)


I attended Fascial Fascinations and the Pelvis workshop (Movement Enhanced Rolfing) with Louis. Even though I was auditing, both were very well organized and a source where Structural Integrators from various schools came together to share knowledge and learn. It was an environment where all experience levels and training backgrounds added to the cumulative dynamic and openness provided by Michael and Ken Solberg. Thanks Michael, for being such a great resource.

- Dannette Little, January 2007

I am very glad to have been in attendance at the Fascia Fascianations workshop because I learned so much fro the two speakers and because I was in the presence of a self-selected group dedicated to better understanding of the role of the connective matrix in our lives. I have shared some of the ideas presented with colleagues and intend to pursue them further. Thank you for making this opportunity available.

- Linda Maluf, December 2006, Fascia Fascianations (Sept. 10-16, 2006)